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Natural and Holistic Healing for Optimal Wellness

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Awaken • Heal • Transform

It's about the things in life that feed your soul. The moments that make you feel centered on the inside. It's about doing the most with what you have and keeping it in its best form. In today’s nonstop world, most of us are living under pressure and are bombarded with noise, water, and air pollution that can cause us to feel stress, imbalances, and illness. Sound, Ozone, Yoga, and Ayurveda are  nurturing paths to step out of your busy schedule to help you feel more whole, relaxed, grounded, and at peace.


A personal practice that’s right for you

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Sound & Light Therapy

Sound therapy is an ancient therapeutic technique that uses tonal frequencies to balance and harmonize the body’s vibrations to improve your health and well-being.

Light emitting diode (LED) Therapy is also known as phototherapy or low level light is the application of specific wavelength of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits for a variety of conditions including skin wrinkles, pain, and hair restoration. The absorbed energy is then used to improve cellular performance

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Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy has been widely used in everyday  practice well known for its antimicrobial and antioxidative capabilities. Aging and degenerative diseases are caused by a decrease of oxygen utilization that can affect many of our organs and their functions. If we keep oxygen levels high using ozone therapy, cells and organs can function at peak levels, causing the body to operate more efficiently.

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Ayurvedic & Detox Treatments

Ayurveda is an ancient complete medical science that treats illnesses at their root. It is based on the principle of promotion of health and prevention of illness rather than disease elimination. Ayurveda focuses on maintaining health by balancing the three physiological forces of the body (Doshas) - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha which translates to Air, Fire, and Water.


Nourish your Soul


Testimonials from our clients

Surrendering into the field of Om Hanna's Temple feels like home. Her awareness, sensitivity, attuned clarity, and collection of rare and highly refined ritual tools send me into a transcendent loving and nourishing sacred space. She is a skilled and deeply present sound healing technician that guides one into the microcosm of the self that thus opens the field of the whole cosmos.  Her offerings are purely Divine in all forms and they infuse ancient future technologies in a modern way. I believe that her work can assist in all the selves coming into wholeness once again.

Isis Indriya, Founder of Academy of Oracle Arts

Om Hanna is here to guide you on your wellness journey to a holisticrejuvenated, and balanced lifestyle.

Om Hanna is a Health and Wellness Practitioner in pursuit of making the world a better place assisting individuals into a parasympathetic nervous system state (rest, digest, & nourishment). 

Om is certified Sound therapist, 500 hour Yoga Teacher, and in the process of becoming an Ayurvedic Practioner. In her current study she is learning how to treat illnesses at their root. It is based on the principle of promotion of health and prevention of illness rather than disease elimination.

She utilizes ancient and modern day technologies to balance the entire human ecosystem.  

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If you have any questions email me.

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